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More Pregnancy Symptoms

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Here are some more pregnancy symptoms to consider.

Pregnancy symptomsFrequency. Having to pass urine frequently due to the uterus pressing on the bladder may be noticed first when the woman who usually sleeps through finds herself getting up two or three times during the night.

Tiredness. This can be out of proportion to the amount of energy being used and some women, to their husband’s irritation, find themselves nodding off early in the evening.

Strange tastes and loss of appetite. Some women often have a strange metallic taste in their mouths and go off some foods. Loss of appetite is particularly associated with nausea and vomiting. Coffee and alcohol may be abhorent, while smokers may stop and even find themselves leaving the room if someone lights up.

Cravings. A desire for certain foods such as strawberries or pineapples usually occurs later in pregnancy. Potato chips may be consumed in large quantities, while even coal and garden soil can seem appealing.

Beside these signs there are others which become prominent as pregnancy continues. An increasing amount of grayish white vaginal discharge is common after a month or two as the body responds to hormones made by the placenta. By three months the abdomen has started to swell, resulting in underclothes feeling tight. Women who are already overweight may mistakenly think that they are just becoming fatter, however, in most the shape is distinctive. Friends do not usually notice pregnancy until the fifth month even if you are quite slim. Paint flutterings or little bubbly wind-like feelings, called movements, start low down during the fifth month in first pregnancies, but may be felt several weeks earlier in subsequent pregnancies.

If you think you are pregnant, see a doctor. He will carry out or arrange for a pregnancy test and he may examine you.